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National Laboratory for Health Security

Virology Research Group

The Virology Research Group of the Department of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the University of Veterinary Medicine is mainly concerned with viruses that cause disease in animals, with a special interest in zoonotic pathogens (hepatitis E virus, rabies virus, alpha- and orthoflaviviruses). In addition, our scientific interest also includes the study of viruses that cause disease in domestic bees.

In the framework of the National Laboratory for Health Security and also independently of it, we are working closely with the Disease Ecology and Wildlife Health Theme Group of the Veterinary Research Institute of the ELKH on the presence and prevalence of emerging viruses in Hungary in the context of the spread of invasive mosquito species. According to the “One Health” approach, we provide data for epidemiological knowledge not only by studying vector but also by investigating samples of the reservoir and occasional host species.

Participating researchers

Tolnai, Csenge
Gilan Pálné, Zsuzsanna