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National Laboratory for Health Security

Large-scale Vegetation Ecology Research Group

The research group mainly conducts vegetation studies on a geographical scale, usually using vegetation and environmental databases. The focus of our interest is to document, model, and predict the effects of climate and land-use change and the impact of biological invasions.

Our research topics related to biological invasions are:
– use plant traits to investigate the assembly rules of communities and their resistance to invasion.
– investigate the spread, establishment, and impact of invasive plant species, mainly in dry sand habitats.

One of our study species is the common milkweed, which is widespread in sandy areas. However, its impact on the host community is controversial in the literature. Our research will focus on clarifying this and revealing the possibilities of the mechanical control of the species.

Our other study focuses on recently introduced and spreading new alien species, like pear cactus species. These species are still in the early stages of invasion, thus early intervention is still possible. We also would like to use our research to draw attention to the future threats of this plant group.